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Here I am on the left giving a presentation about the potential of sukuk as a capital raising instrument for USA firms at the Chicago Islamic Finance Conference, June, 2014. 


FAAIF Limited was founded by Camille Paldi.  In addition to being a qualified Islamic finance specialist with a Masters Degree in Islamic finance from Durham University (UK), Camille is also a lawyer in four countries and nine jurisdictions around the world and has received legal training in common, civil, and Shari’ah law in six countries spanning five continents of the earth in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, and the Middle East. Ms. Paldi has over 10 years of global work experience in the private and public sectors and brings with her a wealth of practical knowledge acquired around the globe from the worlds’ leading educational institutions.  With her eclectic international background, Ms. Paldi brings a fresh, unique, and vibrant perspective to Islamic finance!


Mission Statement of FAAIF

FAAIF, the Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance promotes the spread of knowledge of a unique financial system, which promotes people over profit, preservation of the environment, world peace, the equal spread of wealth amongst society, protection of society’s vulnerable, harmony of family and community relationships, tolerance among people of different ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds, social justice, a chance for the poor, the small to medium businessman and woman, and a functioning distributive economy where gain outweighs loss.  An economy which grows debt from debt cannot grow, but can only retract, causing the value of money to decrease, forcing people out of businesses, increasing the number of homeless, and forcing more and more people to struggle with their daily existence as the people become entrapped in a debt bubble, which eventually surrounds them and encapsulates their entire lives.  Islamic finance is based on real assets and a real and productive economy.  The foundation of the Islamic economy is the principle of Risalah, or the teachings of all of God’s prophets including Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad.  All Abrahamic religions and faiths banned interest as it is believed that producing money from money is an unproductive activity, which leads to the exploitation of human beings by other human beings, conflict, and societal and environmental decay.  Money should be generated from productive activities, which helps the economy to grow and expand.  Therefore, in all modes of Islamic finance, interest is absent and risk and profit and loss are shared between the parties to the contract.  Let’s explore together the fascinating modes of finance, concepts, and structures found in Islamic finance, which is in fact the finance of the Holy Books.  FAAIF encourages all of the people of the Book including Christians, Jews, and Muslims to come together in a concerted effort to work towards Holy Book Banking. Let FAAIF help increase your understanding of the legal and financial aspects of the Islamic finance and banking industry and expand your investment opportunities as Islamic Finance is now a global billion dollar industry.  


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What We Do

  • Islamic Finance Advisory
  • Islamic Finance Legal Documentation
  • Drafting Corporate Legal Documents
  • Company Formation
  • Establish Islamic Windows in Banks
  • Set up Islamic Finance Legal Departments in Law Firms
  • Islamic Finance Training
  • Holy Book Banking
  • Islamic Insurance (Takaful)
  • Capital Markets and Sukuk Structuring
  • Shariáh Compliant Project Finance
  • Green Sukuk
  • Microfinance
  • Islamic Finance, Inter-Faith, and Holy Book Banking Events
  • Hire Camille Paldi through FAAIF as Legal Counsel in your Bank, Business, or Law Firm.
  • Halal Food Services
  • International Trade
  • Offshore
  • Dual Passports/Investor Visa Programs
  • Immigration
  • Construction
  • Real Estate Investment Recovery